General Policies And Procedures

Authors submit their manuscripts electronically / online to the Corresponding journal Editor. Each manuscript is reviewed by internal reviewers for relevancy to the individual Journal, and notified to the authors in the abstract review form for further action. If any issues, the Corresponding Editor will contact the Editor in Chief (or an appropriate Editor), who will decide whether the manuscript should be transferred to another Journal published by ERES Publications, editorially rejected owing to scope, or retained for review by the Journal to which it was submitted. If retained, the manuscript is assigned to an editor, who in turn chooses one or more editorial board members or reviewers to review it.

Reviewers consider the following aspects when reviewing a manuscript

  • Significance to the target scientific community
  • Originality
  • Appropriateness of the approach or experimental design
  • Appropriateness of the statistical analyses
  • Appropriate literature citations
  • Adequacy of experimental techniques
  • Soundness of conclusions and interpretation
  • Relevance of discussion
  • Adherence to the Instructions to Authors
  • Adequacy of title and abstract
  • Appropriateness of figures and tables
  • Appropriateness of supplemental material

Plagiarism is not limited to the Results and Discussion sections; it can involve any part of the manuscript, including figures and tables, in which material is copied from another publication without attestation, reference, or permission.

Missing or incomplete attestation: Authors must give appropriate credit to ideas, concepts, and data that have been published previously. This is accomplished by the inclusion of references. Missing, incomplete, or incorrect references must be brought to the editor's attention.

Dual submission and/or publication: Reviewers should be wary of attempts to submit/publish similar material more than once. This is often difficult to detect "before the fact," but checking literature citations, as well as having a critical eye, is helpful.