Uterine Cancer: Review


  • Akhila Lecturer, Department of Computing, Muscat College
  • Jemila Rose Assistant Professor, St.Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, Chunkankadai, India.
  • Sylaja Valli Narayan Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, NarayanaGuru College of Engineering
  • Hevin Rajesh Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology, St.Xavier's catholic College of Engineering, Chunkankadai, Tamilnadu


Ultrasound, Cancer, Uterus


The uterine cancer can be viewed by the ultrasound scan (or) MRI scans. The ultrasound scanned image is taken for the entire process. The ultrasound scan is more comfortable than MRI scan for diagnosis. It is not affect the human body because it does not use a radiation. Ultrasound doesn’t emit radiation. There are different types of algorithms were developed for uterine cancer detection. An ultrasound device uses sound waves that can’t be heard by humans. The sound waves make a pattern of echoes as the bounce off organs inside the pelvis. Echoes’ create a picture of uterus.




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Akhila K R, R Jemila Rose, Sylaja Valli Narayan, & D Hevin Rajesh. (2018). Uterine Cancer: Review. ERES International Journal of Bio Signal and Image Processing, 5(1), 1–3. Retrieved from https://eresjournals.org/journals/index.php/ijbsip/article/view/53