"Excellent Research In Engineering and Science"

ERES (Excellent Research in Engineering and Science) Journals emphasis to explore new horizons of the ever innovative field of Engineering and Science. Development and implementation of important research and education initiatives, as well as technical innovation in the pursuit of science will also be considered note-worthy criteria for the promotion. ERES International journal is the finest peer-reviewed journal in the field of engineering and science on the basis of its originality, importance, inter disciplinary interest, accessibility and conclusions.

To Impact knowledge and mould our younger generation to produce valuable research in the field of Engineering and Science.

ERES International Journals serve researchers through prompt publication of significant innovations in the field of engineering and science, and it provides a forum for the publishing and discussing about new innovations and issues concerning engineering and science. ERES International Journal ensures that the results of science are rapidly disseminated to the public throughout the world.

Manuscript receiving is absolutely free.| Excellent Editorial Standards.| Cost effective access for standards.| A rigorous, fast and constructive peer review process.| Abstracts are available for free online.

We are always looking for authors and institutes who are interested in publishing their conference and proceedings / special issues of journals. We ensure that your work reaches the maximum success. We strongly believe in being in close contact with all our authors on the production, promotion and giving out of their Journals. Please send all inquiries and proposals by email to: editor@eresjournals.org

Authors are encouraged to submit the original manuscripts for consideration for review and publication. The authors should ensure that the article has not been submitted nor published elsewhere. Please submit the original manuscript in MS Word or PDF format. An undertaking signed by all the authors, (certifying originality of work and that the article has not been or will not be published elsewhere), must accompany the manuscript upon final submission. Author will receive print journal copy within 30 days after payment of publication charges (For Print) and submission of copyright form. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process.

Templates: Font style: Calibri Page Setup: Top= 1, Bottom= 1, left and right 0.56, Columns 2 Column Width=3.57, Column Spacing 0.25, Paper title = Font size 26 Author name =10 Designation and address = font 10 Email – 9, Abstract = 11 size Body = 11 size The author must provide: *name, *job title, *Organisation/institution of affiliation name, *a brief biographical description, *a photograph in JPEG format

The paper needs to contain a title, an abstract, keywords, a main body and references All references should be cited format should be followed for reference, citation and tables Font style: Calibri in 11 pt size Figures and tables should follow the references. Make sure that every table or figure is referred in the text. The table or figure will be placed after the first mention in the text, Illustrations if provided, should be clear and in JPEG format All articles should be error free to the maximum extent possible and any technical matter must be as clear as possible.

Processing Fee for print Copy: Author will receive print journal copy within 30 days after payment of publication charges (For Print) and submission of copyright form.Our all journals are abstracted and indexed in International Societies like Google Scholar and more...